Unlock Gorgeous Lashes with our Professional Makeup Lash Lifting Kit – a Must-Have for Stunning Eye Appeal!

The \”Makeup Lash Lifting Kit\” is a game-changer for anyone seeking luscious, voluminous lashes effortlessly. This innovative WordPress product boasts a myriad of pivotal features, including easy application and long-lasting results. Say goodbye to clumpy mascara and hello to perfectly lifted lashes that enhance your natural beauty. With its gentle formula and precision tools, this kit ensures a hassle-free experience, even for beginners. Experience the advantage of stunning, curled lashes that last all day, without the need for costly salon visits. Embrace your distinctive qualities and showcase your best self with the \”Makeup Lash Lifting Kit\” – the ultimate secret to achieving picture-perfect lashes.

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Package Includes: 

1. Silicone Perming Rod: 5 pairs (S,M,M1,M2,L)
2. 2 Hands Y-Shape Perming Brushes: 3 pieces
3. Cleanser Agent: 1  x Bottle
4. Perming Agent: 1 x Bottle
5. Fixing Agent: 1 x Bottle
6. Moisturizing Agent: 1 x Bottle
7. Perming Glue: 1 x Bottle
8. 5 ml/bottle False Lashes Glue

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Introducing the Makeup Lash Lifting Kit – the beauty revolution you\’ve been waiting for! Prepare to witness a mesmerizing transformation as your lashes reach new heights of glamorous perfection. Experience the power of this exceptional product – a true game-changer in the world of eyelash enhancement. Step into the world of effortlessly captivating eyes with this innovative Makeup Lash Lifting Kit. Designed with perfection in mind, this kit is a must-have for anyone seeking to achieve the most stunning and natural-looking lashes that will leave everyone in awe. At the heart of this exceptional kit lies its unique features that set it apart from all others. With an easy-to-follow process and an intuitive design, elevating your lashes has never been easier. **Experience the unrivaled convenience** as this kit includes all the necessary tools you need to achieve salon-worthy results in the comfort of your own home. Unlock a realm of possibilities with the lash conditioning serum that boasts a powerful formula, designed to nourish and fortify your lashes.

Witness the incredible transformation as your lashes become stronger, silkier, and more resistant to breakage. **Pamper your lashes with the ultimate care** and revel in the remarkable results that will make heads turn. The secret lies within the uniquely formulated lifting solution, carefully crafted to give your lashes the ultimate lift. Experience the undeniable allure of beautifully curled lashes that seamlessly frame your eyes, creating a captivating and enticing look that will leave you feeling empowered and confident. Say goodbye to clumpy mascara and tedious fake lashes – the Makeup Lash Lifting Kit will effortlessly enhance your natural beauty, delivering breathtaking results that last longer than ever before. With a lasting effect of up to 8 weeks, this groundbreaking kit redefines convenience and value for money.

Embrace a lifestyle of convenience and revel in the countless benefits this Makeup Lash Lifting Kit has to offer. **Restore your confidence** as you flaunt your incredibly enhanced lashes, leaving an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Be the envy of all as your eyes sparkle with undeniable allure. Experience the revolution of lash enhancement with the Makeup Lash Lifting Kit. Discover its unrivaled features, indulge in its numerous benefits, and uncover the infinite value it brings to your beauty routine. Elevate your lashes to new heights and embrace the undeniable power of captivating beauty.


Total 25ml in 1 kit




100g for 1 set


Perming Liquid


Full Size

Country/Region of Manufacture


Brand Name



Machine Made

Model Number

Taozhuang-004(Lash Perming Kit)






Beauty&Personal Care


Whole small kit in one poly bag,1 Set


100% Good

Country of Supplier



Lift Eyelash

Size of Packing Box

16*12*2 cm


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