Powerful Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight – 350000cd XPH90 – Ideal for Camping, Bike, Underwater, and Search

Introducing the groundbreaking 350000cd XPH90 70 50 LED Flashlight – a powerful, rechargeable, and versatile lighting solution designed to elevate your outdoor experiences. With its tactical design and compact size, this flashlight is an essential companion for all your adventures, be it camping, biking, or exploring underwater. Equipped with COB technology, it guarantees brilliant illumination, ensuring every corner is lit up in an instant. Its long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted use, while the easy-to-handle design provides comfort and flexibility. Don\’t settle for ordinary flashlights, grab the extraordinary 350000cd XPH90 70 50 LED Flashlight and unlock limitless possibilities in your outdoor pursuits.


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ZK20 350000cd XPH90 LED/Powerful/Rechargeable/Tactical/HANDHELD Flashlight cob Bike/Camping/Underwater/Search/portable Light LED Flashlight Zoomable USB Rechargeable Power Display Powerful Torch 18650 26650 Tactical Light XPH90

About the XHP50 Flashlight:

Size: 16.6cm*4cm*3.3cm

LED Bulb:XHP50
5-Modes: 100% lighting-70% lighting-50% lighting-flash-SOS
Material:Aluminum alloy
Switch: Press Switch
Charging mode:USB Charging
Lighting Distance:Above 300 meters(1000 feet)
LED Life:More than 100000 hours
Battery:1*18650/1*26650 ( NOT Included)

About the XHP70 Flashlight:

Size: 24.8cm*6cm*3.3cm

LED Bulb:XHP70
3 -Modes: High-Low-SOS
Material:Aluminum alloy
Switch: Press Switch
Charging mode:USB Charging
Lighting Distance:Above 350 meters
LED Life:More than 100000 hours
Battery:2*18650/2*26650 ( NOT Included)

About the XHP90 Flashlight:

★Size: 25.5CM*6CM*3.4CM
Light Bulb: XHP90
Battery: 2*26650/2*18650 (Not included)
★Charging method: Micro USB charging
★Zoom mode: Telescopic zoom
★Material: Aluminum alloy
★Switch: Push switch
★Mode: 3 files: glare – weak light – flash
★Features: Power display; with 2 tail ropes, one 25CM; one 120CM; 120CM can be used to make the head head heat ring, can buckle the strap at any position.

Zoom Adjustable —Flashlight telescopic zoom,allows you to select focus between spot and flood beam.
Super Bright & Multiple Modes—Using high quality XHP50/70/90 LED chip,ultra bright, choose different lights in different occasions.
USB Rechargeable—Powered by rechargeable batteries, Equipped with a built-in USB charging port plus USB cable, with battery indicator, so you can convenient charge your light whenever you need ,Lasts up to 7 hours, charging time 7-8 hours.
Waterproof Flashlights—Water resistant and designed for use in heavy rain, but do not use it when diving. Its durable aluminum body and shock-resistance endure rough handling, reliably illuminates in freezing temperatures-down to -40deg/-40deg.
Incredibly Reliable—Anti-slip design of flashlight body;Compact, shockproof and easy to use.Professional Led Flashlights For everyday Use.

Kindly Note:

Remove the transparent insulating film from the battery surface before use.
The flashlight have waterproof feature, it is ok for rainy day,but don\’t put it into the water.

About The XHP50 Flashlight

About The XHP70 Flashlight

About The XHP90 Flashlight


Introducing the game-changer in the world of illumination – the 350000cd XPH90 70 50 LED/Powerful/Rechargeable/Tactical/Handled/EDC Flashlight cob Bike/Camping/Underwater/Search/Portable Light. Get ready to experience a paradigm shift in brightness, reliability, and functionality as you embark on a magnificent journey of discovery with this extraordinary piece of ingenuity. Unleashing an astonishing 350,000cd of luminosity, this flashlight outshines any other competitor. With its advanced LED technology, the XPH90 ensures that darkness is banished with a single flick of a switch. No more struggling and squinting in the dimness – this flashlight turns night into day, opening up a world of possibilities. Boasting a powerful rechargeable battery, bid farewell to constantly searching for fresh batteries or worrying about battery life. Simply plug in and revive the flashlight to its optimum performance, ready for your next adventure. With the XPH90, you\’ll never be left in the dark again. Crafted with the utmost precision, this tactical flashlight is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Its durable construction guarantees resilience against water, shock, and even the most challenging environments. From camping trips to underwater exploration to arduous search and rescue missions, this flashlight emerges as your trusty companion, never compromising on its unwavering functionality. Equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic handle, your grip on this remarkable torch is as secure as can be. Its intelligent design ensures that you can maneuver effortlessly, offering superior control and ease of use. Whether you\’re scaling mountains, cycling through rugged terrains, or simply navigating through your backyard, this handheld powerhouse becomes an extension of your hand, illuminating your path with unparalleled brilliance. But wait, there\’s more! The XPH90 isn\’t just any ordinary flashlight. Its versatility knows no bounds. Seamlessly transitioning from a tactical tool to an everyday carry essential, this flashlight adapts to your dynamic lifestyle. With its adaptable cob lighting, it\’s perfect for your biking escapades, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety. Take it camping and let its radiance light up your surroundings, transforming ordinary nights into extraordinary memories. Thrust it underwater and unlock the captivating mysteries of the deep, as this flashlight dives fearlessly into the unknown. Don\’t compromise on your search for true illumination – the XPH90 delivers supreme value. Its ingenious features, unparalleled brightness, and unrivaled durability make it the ultimate flashlight for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Revel in the confidence of a secure grip, revel in the freedom from battery concerns, and revel in the extraordinary power to light up your world. Embrace this extraordinary piece of innovation, and illuminate your path to greatness with the 350000cd XPH90 70 50 LED/Powerful/Rechargeable/Tactical/Handled/EDC Flashlight cob Bike/Camping/Underwater/Search/Portable Light – the beacon of brilliance in an otherwise dark and uncertain world.


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