Advanced GFX7000: Ultimate Long Range Gold Metal Detector for Jewelry Hunting – Unmatched Sensitivity & Depth

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The Underground Gold Metal Detector, GFX7000, is a cutting-edge and highly sensitive long-range depth finder. Equipped with advanced technology, this device is purpose-built for jewelry hunting and detecting valuable metals. Its exceptional sensitivity allows for pinpoint accuracy, ensuring precise results in your search for hidden treasures. Designed to excel in challenging terrains, this detector stands out with its ability to penetrate the underground depths, even in areas deemed unreachable by ordinary detectors. With the GFX7000, uncovering buried treasures has never been easier or more rewarding.


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Product Description:

The new ground-balanced benchmark detection technology of GFX7000 gold detector, it has exclusive technology, multi-phase remote sensing (MPS), dual voltage technology (DVT) and intelligent electronic meter, high-performance GFX7000 gold detector. From deep natural sand gold and gold that you could not find before, now you can find it.

Unique advantages:

1. Adopting international advanced technology, make GFX7000 can find more gold than any other metal detectors.
2. Improved new electronics, make machine have stronger penetration and depth advantage
3. LCD display for metal type message under discrimination mode.
4. Apart from the LCD screen panel, it can be recognized the metal type through the tune.
5. With 11 inch super high detecting coil, it can improve the detecting sensitivity,, it\’s very suitable to horizontal pushing operation on the desert.
6. Better stability, less fault alarm, so can precise detect metals underground. It is most popular gold detector.
7. Equipped with big capacity Li-ion battery, low battery indication, so it can work long time continously.
8. With headphone, so others persons won\’t listen to sound except detector when detect metals.
9. Fit for kinds of soil


1. Detection prompt: sound/LCD display

2.Detection depth: 2-3.5 meters

3.Detection mode: digital pulse ground
balance/identification method

4. Detection frequency: 465KHZ

5. Headphone frequency: 452KHZ

6. Low battery indicator: indicates that the meter LED light is dark to indicate that the battery is insufficient

7. Backlight display: LCD backlight

8. Work rate: 0.5W

9. Working temperature: 12℃~60℃

10. Storage temperature: -28℃~65℃

11. External headset function: advanced adjustable headset

12. Power source: high capacity rechargeable battery

Unleashing the Power of the GFX7000 Underground Gold Metal Detector

Embark on an exhilarating treasure hunt with the GFX7000 Super High Sensitivity Gold Metal Detector. Unveiling the secrets hidden beneath the earth\’s surface, this cutting-edge tool redefines the art of detecting jewelry and metals with unmatched precision.

Discover the Unseen Mysteries

Equipped with state-of-the-art long-range depth technology, the GFX7000 transcends traditional metal detectors, allowing you to explore deeper than ever before. Unleash your inner hunter and embark on a captivating journey, with the GFX7000 as your trusted companion.

Exceptional Sensitivity for Unparalleled Accuracy

Beyond conventional detection, the GFX7000 boasts unparalleled super high sensitivity, elevating your searching capabilities to new heights. Every subtle signal and nuance that eludes other detectors is captured effortlessly, granting you an unprecedented advantage in your quest.

Features that Set the GFX7000 Apart:

  • Long-range depth detection capability, reaching depths previously deemed unreachable.
  • Super high sensitivity enables the detection of even the tiniest metal objects.
  • Delivers precise identification of different types of metals, including gold, silver, copper, and more.
  • Advanced discrimination system to filter out unwanted materials, saving you time and effort.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for beginners and professionals alike.

A Treasure at Every Turn

Imagine stumbling upon a lost artifact or uncovering an undiscovered cache of jewelry that has been concealed for centuries. With the GFX7000, these dreams become tangible possibilities. Unlock the hidden treasures of the past and embark on an extraordinary quest for riches that have long been forgotten.

Your Path to Infinite Possibilities

The GFX7000 offers more than just the thrill of treasure hunting. It brings immense value to enthusiasts, professionals, and archaeologists alike:

  • Unearth buried history and enhance archaeological research, shedding light on civilizations that have long vanished.
  • Effortlessly locate lost jewelry, precious coins, and valuable artifacts, turning your hobbies into profitable ventures.
  • Enjoy bonding experiences with friends and family as you embark on exciting adventures in search of hidden treasures.
  • Harness the GFX7000\’s capabilities to embark on humanitarian missions, locating buried objects for disaster relief or recovery efforts.

Unleash Epic Adventures with the GFX7000

Embark on a journey where each beep fills your heart with anticipation, with every find contributing to an unforgettable story. The GFX7000 Super High Sensitivity Gold Metal Detector transcends boundaries and opens doors to a world brimming with wonder, excitement, and unimaginable treasures.

Begin your treasure hunting odyssey today and let the GFX7000 guide you through uncharted territories, as you unveil the secrets buried beneath the surface, one discovery at a time.


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